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About Ashley, Irish Lily Doula
What is in a name? Well that is a hard question. I started my journey as an event planner. I was pregnant with my first child and had made the decision to leave college full time and enroll in a Penn Foster Career School home study course in event planning and bridal consulting. I really enjoyed that work and planning. Planning anything is such a joy for me! I was already planning many fundraisers, get togethers, home parties, and birthdays, so event planning education just came naturally. I had been planning big and small scale events for as long as I can remember through the Girl Scouts and my time in middle school as a member of the Civil Rights Team. I greatly enjoy doing fundraisers and craft fairs and small weddings. I became a wedding officiant in 2016 to help my wonderful sister-in-law and loved doing the wedding so much I decided to make it a full time career!
   Backtrack a bit to when I became pregnant with my daughter, and this is where the birth work story starts. I was 19 and not totally clueless, but somewhat. I am the oldest out of 4 children. 4 year difference, 14 year difference, and 22 year difference. I was also the family and neighbourhood babysitter. I had the normal amount of experience as most other first time mothers. I had a vast and different support system, a unique and good support system nonetheless. The summer I was pregnant with my daughter I decided to check out every book I could find about pregnancy and raising daughters from the Bangor Public Library. I wanted to do everything right and be the best mom I could be. Honestly, what I needed for my first pregnancy was a labor and postpartum doula. Did I know what that was? Not at all, I had never even heard of a doula. I read a lot, went through a typical pregnancy, typical pressure, a lot of unknown, it was a epidural birth,  and I listened to everyone (professional and family) around me. I was constantly overwhelmed, a worrier as you are with your first child, and questioning everything I was doing. I was overwhelmed because my first child was a hard baby, she had colic and acid reflux, I struggled with nursing her and had no support nursing her, and all the doctors that I surrounded myself with were more concerned telling me how bad of a mother I was instead of helping me (it was a very kind lactation nurse who finally diagnosed my daughter with severe acid reflux instead of the doctors accusing me of not feeding her enough). My first child was hard for a first time (but I know not the hardest) and I needed support that I did not know existed and is kept out of all those parenting books I was checking out. 
   When I finally heard of a doula I was living on a military base and pregnant with my second child. This wonderful woman who was a mother of four was at the same play group I brought my daughter to. She was training to be a doula, she had both hospital and home births, and was just brilliant. I was finally pregnant with my second child, a son, after going through over 5 miscarriages in two years. She seemed to know everything in my eyes. Angie was a God send, I was clearly connected to her for a reason. Through my whole pregnancy she was lending me good books to read, not my own library research either, real books written by Ina May and my now hero Penny Simkin. Those are the books I should have been reading when I was going through my first pregnancy! 
   Angie was an amazing doula, and even now as a mother of 4, my first son was the most positive and easiest birth (and I was induced), the positive experience was completely because of her. I wanted to do that too! I wanted to create positive birth and parenting experiences also. Through my research I had already realized that I was already essentially a postpartum doula and had been for years! So, I researched and read like crazy, looked up organizations to train through, and began my new birth career.
    I created Irish Lily Doula in the spring of 2013. I chose my name based on the origin of my children's names; Tiger Lily and Irish Fighter. I never stop learning, never stop volunteering, and I believe that if you want doula support or childbirth education than you should be able to have those options accessible. I believe you should know the pros and cons to medicated and unmedicated birth and everything that comes with having children and being pregnant. I am blessed enough to be able to combine event planning, wedding officiating, and birthwork together in my amazing community here in Maine. I have 'set rates' but i will never turn anyone away. I believe in this work and in your choices. I believe in supporting choices and not providing alternatives to what you want. Most of all I fully believe in a woman being able to give birth and raise her children.  I donate 10% of everything I earn to Maine based organizations that help women, help families and women going through pregnancy, and help victims of domestic violence. I love Maine and everything about Maine and believe in helping the community and being involved. 
   What I do relates to the services I provide in Maine or virtually online. 
   I am also an International Exchange Coordinator connecting high school exchange students with volunteer host families in my community and connecting mothers with job opportunities with the same non-profit, a certified doula providing related services, and an event planner and wedding officiant. 



Birth Doula; Madriella

Health Professional Teaching; University of Toronto

YWCA Baby Sitter Wise

Texas A&M AgriLife:

   -Breastfeeding in a Childcare Setting
   -Age-Appropriate Nutrition, Feeding, and Support for Breastfeeding
   -Understanding Infant and Toddler Development
    -The Value of Play in Preschool Children
 -Childhood Immunizations
 -Germ Fighting Gone Green

Volunteer Positions:

   -Lincoln Memorial Library Quest Club Leader
   -Lincoln Memorial Library Advisory Board Member
   -Lincoln Events and Tourism Committee Member and Secretary
   -Friends of the Lincoln Memorial Library Member
-Breastfeeding USA Member

Other Classes:

BLOOM Rebalancing for Woman 

Psychology 101: Husson University
SoulCare Foundations 1: Christian University

Crisis Pregnancy; Light University
      -Serving in a broken world
      -Essential listening techniques and skills
      -Making  difference on the phone
      -Theological and historical foundations
      -Pregnancy Decision Making
      -Coaching Parents and Families
      -Searching For Significance
      -Healthy Sexuality
      -Crisis Pregnancy
     -Care and Council

Emergency Care:

Red Cross Infant and Adult CPR

Red Cross First Aid

Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Personal Support Specialist (PSS)

Certificate Diplomas:

Mediation; Lakeview College 

Bridal Consulting and Event Planning; Penn Foster Career School
Event Planning; Sheffield Career School

College Diplomas:
Master of Teaching Ministries; Kings Cross Bible College
Bachelor of Homeschooling Ministries; Kings Cross Bible College
Bachelor of Christian Career Counseling; Kings Cross Bible College 
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