Birth Services

Doula Services

I believe that everyone deserves a trained doula if they choose.  I am a Madriella trained doula and am able to support whatever birth you choose to have, cesarean, medicated, natural, homebirth, unassisted, traditional, etc. I am knowledgeable about breast and bottle feeding and have done both myself as a mother. 

Since I believe every woman deserves a doula I offer reduced 'pay what you can' rates for those that are in need. 

 I run a professional and judgement free zone. 

Before our first consultation I will e-mail you my contract for you to look over and fill out over googledocs. I require a $75.00 deposit at the time of signing contracts. The full fee for services is due by your 'due month' and I go on call at the moment the contract is signed.

I accept Health Saving Accounts (HSA), bartering, and payment plans.

10% off all service rates are donated right back into the community. 

Pre-Labor Doula Services:

if you pay the full fee upfront enrollment in our pregnancy options class is included.
This Includes but is not limited to:
preparing healthy frozen and canned meals
unlimited meetings, e-mails, and phone calls
birth plan assistance
lending library of resources
one day of cleaning and organizing your home
preparation assistance for homeschooling families
evidence based information
monthly check ins
reading early on education
physical and emotional support
Birth exercises and preparation
at home visits
comfort measures 
and more

Labor Doula Services:


If you pay the full fee upfront  enrollment childbirth education class is included. 

This Includes but is not limited to:

prenatal visits

evidence based information

unlimited meetings, e-mails, and phone calls

lending library of resources 

writing your birth plan

physical and emotional support 

Full labor support

hospital/homebirth support-no time limits, over night option

breastfeeding and formula feeding support

comfort measures 

one postpartum visit at home 

sibling support 

reading early on education

on call for the first two weeks after birth for support and questions

monthly phone check ins until 3 months postpartum

Birth exercises and preparation

at home visits

and more

Postpartum Doula Services:

15.00 per hour. 

I offer a 20.00 discount for every 10 hours purchased.

This includes but is not limited to:

postpartum schedule, overnight options

emotional and physical support for mother

completion of daily homecare tasks

educational classes on an individual level

breastfeeding and/or formula feeding support

baby care assistance 

home proofing


evidence based information

lending library of resources 

unlimited phone calls and e-mails

pet introduction

cooking and cleaning

help with educational tasks for homeschooling families

sibling and multiple children assistance

reading early on education

and more

My Birth Service Areas:

I serve a 100 mile radius from my home in Lincoln for doula support. I serve many local hospitals and at your home for doula services.

The following hospitals is in my radius:

Eastern Maine Medical Center

Houlton Regional Hospital

Waldo County General Hospital

Mayo Regional Hospital

Holly No. 7  Birth Center

I will travel state wide for all my services, but if you need me to travel more than 100 miles I will have to add on a charge of .50 cents per mile to cover gas needs. 

I offer reduced rates for teen mothers, military families, veterans, and woman considering adoption.

Bereavement Doula Support

Baby loss support is a free service to anyone in need. Pregnancy loss, child loss, infant loss, and stillbirth happens; you are left with shock, a new future, and a slew of options and questions that frankly do not make sense at the moment these events happen. That is why I am here. I have personally gone through over ten miscarriages and a stillborn daughter. I will help you navigate through your feelings, options, questions that you may come across, help with meals, and just be there for you in these hard events. I will travel as much as I am able in the state of Maine and I am always available 24/7 by phone, email, and texting. 

Lactation Consultations 

I am a professional breastfeeding specialist and I am trained to help mothers feed their new infants. I will help you prepare for breastfeeding before your baby and I will help with any issues you may be experiencing such as milk production, pain, and latching difficulties. This is 15.00 per hour long session. Sessions available online or in-person.

Training and Education

Doula Training:

I provide approved Proverbs 31:25 Doula Training Workshops. I was approved as a Madriella Approved Workshop Provider in 2015. Currently Madriella redoing their AWP. I will still offer trainings unaffiliated with Madriella, but please note they are redoing their requirements and I am unable to provide Madriella Approved Workshops. You will still receive trainings from a knowledgeable and certified doula and an educated and experienced mother of four. I travel state wide and these rates do not reflect millage rates needed to travel more than 100 miles.

  • Workshop training is 100.00. This is for the workshop. You will leave trained but NOT certified as that will require course work from your chosen certifying organization, preferably the organization Madriella or Proverbs 31:25 Do.
  • I will provide one on one training at a rate of  200.00.
  • Free training to those who provide a location to hold workshops (hosts).
  • Free doula training to recent homeschool graduates. This does not include the fees needed to receive a doula certification.
  • 50.00 (half off) training available to recent high school graduates.
  • I provide a training discount to veterans, military families, wives/husbands of veterans, homeschooling families, low income women/adults, and teen parents. Please contact me for more information.  I also offer reduced rates to adult education programs, and special organizations upon requests. 

Educational Classes:

 I offer free and discount classes to churches, schools, adult education, and other organizations as well as current and past clients.

Classes are 75.00 per person or couple for classes in your home. I will offer a 30% reduction rate if more than five people register for your chosen class. 

Classes Offered:

  • Safe Sleep for Your Baby
          Video and Materials from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute
  • Rebalancing Self Care for Women
  • Parenting 101 
  • Pregnancy Options
  • Scrapbooking The First Year: Before Baby
  • Childbirth Education
  • Christian Childbirth Education
  • Basic Baby Care 
  • Healthy Freezer Meals
  • Affordable Cloth Diapering and Baby Wearing
  • How To Help A Mother After A Loss
  • Breastfeeding and Childcare
  • Early Reading Education

Mother's Helper Services

Mother's helper services are a flat 15.00 per hour fee. We will agree upon help needed and schedule. This is good for cleaning assistance, childcare help, homework help, meal planning, etc. At no time will we be fully alone with your children or in your home as we are there to assist you in daily tasks and needs.  

Meal Prep: $100.00

2 sessions of meal prep to help you in your busy life. This is a common package for before your new baby arrives, busy families,or busy career women. These will all be frozen meals, canning, and long lasting snacks that can be stored. This does not include supplies unless an arrangement is made. 

Meal Planning: 20.00

Families are busy and meal planning can be rough, especially when allergies, diets, preferences,  and dietary restrictions come into play. 20.00 gives you a months worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner grocery lists and recipes catered to your preferences and needs. Choose which meal you prefer and we will send you a grocery list, recipes, and a calendar with your meals all planned out. These will be e-mailed to you.

Caregiver Plan Assistance: 20.00

A caregiver plan is a plan you leave with a caregiver of a child or adult listing needs, instructions, medical issues, allergies, limitations, contacts, and more.

Up to three virtual meetings to finalize your plan

Unlimited phone calls and e-mails

Finalized copy in PDF format

Birth Plan Assistance: 20.00

  • Assistance in writing your birth plan
  • up to three meetings to edit and finalize your birth plan
  • Unlimited phone calls and emails during the planning process
  • Finalized copy of your birth plan in PDF format
  • 3 copies of your completed birth plan laminated.
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